Thursday, July 26, 2012

Do you love books?

Free shipping on book orders of $25 or more and help send Ethiopian children to school in Kechene
Do you love books?  Could you ever have enough of them?  Or do you have some books you want to buy as gifts?  How about getting what you need or want and having it go towards a great cause at the same time?  Isn’t that just the best of both worlds?!?  Well, the folks at Christian Books Bibles have agreed–willingly and excitedly, I might add–to help us out.  Or, I should say, to help the children out in Kechene, Ethiopia.  Go to their website ( and place an order, you will also be giving to Awake and Alive, helping us reach our goal to start a school for vulnerable children ages 4-6 in the capital city.  Here’s how it’ll look:
1.  Go to
2.  Order your items.
3.  At checkout, enter the promo code (AWAKE&ALIVE)
4. If your order is $25 or more (that’s a decrease from $50), you get free shipping on what is already one of the cheapest sites for new books around, and we get a portion of the profits!
You see how it’s a win-win?  So, what are you waiting for:  GO ORDER SOME BOOKS!

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