Get Involved

Awake and Alive is a community effort, and you are needed here.
There are several ways that you can help and become part of the community.

Support the project
Awake and Alive is a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. A perfect way to donate is through the The Razoo Site. If you want to write a check please make it out to Awake and Alive and send it to 100 E. Lafayette Street, Goshen, IN 46526.


During the coming months, while getting the school project off the ground, we will continually need prayers for wisdom. We ask that you take up the challenge with us, praying for the project’s success as each step unfolds.

Spread the word

Last, but not least, we ask you for one more huge favor! Will you help spread the word?

It’s only with the support of a community of people, who are passionate about seeing orphans given a future, will a project like this thrive. Will you talk about Awake and Alive and the school project on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere you meet friends?

These street children need you to spread the word!

Click the Like Button as often as you can! The more times you click that button on our posts, the more of your friends will know about the widows and orphans who need our help.

Come and Help

We are taking another team in June 2013 back to Kechene, Ethiopia! On this trip we will be revisiting the school and children. We will be collecting information for individuals who have sponsored children. We will be there for the ending of the school year and doing check ups on how the children have been progressing while in the Academy. We have been working so hard to bring awareness to Kechene and the need there, in hopes that your heart is moved to help. E-mail us if you have interest in this trip.