Monday, August 13, 2012

The Team!

It is with great pleasure and joy that we are able to introduce you to the Project Presence Team. We are a group of individuals who have all felt called to this special place in Ethiopia, called Kechene, and because of that call we are a TEAM, 13 strong.

God has called each one of these precious people to this trip for a reason. And some of the team members are still not sure why. But they said YES anyway! We thank God for their obedience and their willingness to travel around the world to show love to orphans and widows in Kechene, Ethiopia.  We are excited to see what God has planned for each one of our team members. This trip will be life changing for many of them. And we ask for your prayers now, before we leave, during our time in Ethiopia, and for our team after we come home from Ethiopia.
Thank you.  

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While we are in ET we will be posting pictures and blogging daily as long as the electricity/Internet is working.

With out further adieu we are thrilled to introduce you to: 


AMBER from Indiana

AMANDA from Indiana

 GRACE, from Indiana

 KATE from Indiana

TODD from Indiana

ANNA from Indiana 

JEN from Massachusetts

SABRINA from Indiana

BRANDON from Indiana

 CARA from California

 PAIGE from Chicago

 Team Leaders:

JOLENE from Indiana

DANIELLE from Indiana

Best Buddies
& your team leaders!

Prayer Requests:

  •   Kechene: that the people there would know God’s presence and feel His love through us.
  • Unity:  with local churches in Kechene, the Vineyard Church in Switzerland, Bright Future, and each other.
  •   Relationships: that Christ would shine through the way we treat each other on the team and the way we treat the people in Kechene.
  • The children: that they might transition well into their 1st day of kindergarten at the Bright Future Academy and the rest of the school year. 

Thank you for your continued prayers. 

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