Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Seriously...you keep doing this to us!

You continue to knock our socks off!
Thank you! 

At the beginning of this year Awake and Alive was still almost $20,000 short of reaching our goal of $44k by September. This goal will send 30 street children in Ethiopia to school. It will be giving them education, food, support, and the chance to know Jesus.
So we sent out letters asking for support from our close friends and family members, 
By May we were at $41,000, and only 3k short of our dream goal. 

So we let you all know the need, and boy-oh-boy did you all respond! In less then 2 weeks time Awake and Alive reached the goal of 44k! 
 We were in awe!

So after that big push to raise the $44K it has been pretty quiet around here.

But we know we have another school year to start raising funds for.
 It is time to gear back up.
So we set a goal of three-thousand dollars in a week and a half. And did you all ever show up!?!

 The 1st gift was $25 on the 1st day we posted about it. Then we received a gift of $500 the next day! A day later money came that we had done a fundraiser for previously, then some more gifts of a few hundred dollars and then some more!
The last few days I (Jolene) was posting that Awake and Alive was only about $900 short of the $3K goal,
 Then that evening my husband, Darin got a text message from one of his friends that he wanted to cover what we had left so the goal could be met!!!

Socks knocked off!! 

Here are just a few things we know are true. 

You are generous people.

 God is softening and breaking your hearts for the plight of these children.

God loves the children of Kechene far more then any of us could ever imagine or understand. 
Thank You.

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Danielle said...

Yes, yes, YES! One thing we really haven't addressed--with our trip to Kechene two months away and us pledging up to this point for 100% of money received to go directly to the school project, IF anyone feels led to give towards anything else--administration, our time in Ethiopia, etc., just let us know. Otherwise, until we tell you something different, you can rest assured that you know EXACTLY where your money is going--to the kids and all things Bright Future Academy!!