Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Glimpse

Here is another unedited clip of Kechene. This is a video of a man working HARD in is home to provide for his family! When we visited his house he didn't stop working. I was in awe of his drive to work! This man was the provider for his house hold and he knew what he had to do! And that was and is to work hard to provide for his family! This was a rare glimpse of a man in Kechene who is standing strong for his family and working hard for his family.

During our trip in September 2012 we will be spending time with many of the families, just like this family, who will be touched by our school. What a privilege it will be to build relationships and friendships with these courageous people!
Please give what ever YOU CAN to help us start Bright Future Academy in Kechene, Ethiopia! Many young children's lives will forever be changed because of your gift!
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macy said...

Jolene if i had money (like a job to get money) I would donate but I cant :( Love you.