Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mission Trip

This is an unedited, snap shot of life in Kechene. You did hear me correctly when I said in the video that 5 people live in that little tiny home. They only have 2 beds. The place is filthy. Two of the 3 children have to work to help provide food. Their mother was gone all day working. Leaving the oldest daughter, 13, to care for her younger sick brother. Their kitchen is directly out side of the front door. The little boy is sick with Typhoid. They do not have access to clean water. In our standards they have nothing...
yet they are smiling.
They are smiling because of the love of Jesus.
The great people we are partnering with to start our school are the same people who have shown love to the community already! By showing them love: giving them medicine, education, and sharing the Gospel, the love of Jesus Christ,
they have HOPE!

If, while watching this video you could see yourself in those homes loving and advocating for the people of Kechene would you please prayerfully consider coming with us this fall. If traveling to Kechene is not an option for you would you please support us in prayers! Please keep Awake and Alive and our team in your prayers. And if you feel lead to give financially to our project, starting a school for the young street children, please click the link below.
. Online fundraising for Jolene fundraising for Awake and Alive

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