Monday, February 13, 2012

School Updates

We were able to Skype with our in country contact this last week.
He told us that we will know the children by name in July!
This of course made my heart burst with excitement,
as we will then have specific children to begin praying for
I love it!
We also now know that we will be renting a 3 room building in Kechene for the children. Ethiopian law requires us to have one room for the children's class,
one room for an office, and one room for storage.
The building will be structurally sound for the children but our in country contact would love if our team would take some time to paint and decorate the classrooms for the children!
He had mentioned something about a mural and painting the English Alphabet and numbers on the walls. I (Jolene) am not talented in that way, what so ever, so hopefully one of you who are feeling pulled to come with us is.
There is also an opportunity for us to put on a bible school for the children
and share the love of Jesus with them through
songs, crafts and stories!

While we are there we will be spending a lot of time with the children and families that the school will be benefiting. This time will be spent getting to know each one of the children in the school so that we can set up a sponsorship program for them, in hopes that we can get each child in the school sponsored so that we can send MORE children to school next year! This is vital for the continuation of growth in the school.

Will you please continue to pray for Danielle and I, the staff that will be hired and the children that will be attending the Bright Future Academy! Thank You!

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