Monday, August 29, 2011

Who do you think you are?

We have a few new readers

So I wanted to take us back to square one,

Just for a second…

((It won’t hurt I promise))

We are in the beginning stages of starting a school the slum

Kechene, Ethiopia. We are doing some serious fundraising!!

And we would love for you to become Awake and Alive and partner with us as we are taking on this crazy task!!


There are kiddos out there who are being left at home for hours by themselves.


Their momma’s are widows and have no other option then to work for up to 12-14 hours a day to make a living just so their children will not starve.


They have no government help. Even the people in the capitol view the people of Kechene as cursed because of how poor they are, so they won't even help them!

So why a school!?!

These kids have no where safe to go while their mothers have to work so they are left on the streets and are vulnerable. We are taking them off the streets and into a place where they can be educated…because education is something that can not be taken from them.

How are they vulnerable?!?

They are left with no one to feed them, no one to ((((hug))))them if they fall down and get hurt, no one to protect them if they come into contact with a stranger, they can easily be taken…trafficked…abused.

These kids are real…

I have hugged them, and held their hands…

They have taken part of my heart.

So…Who do we think we are?!?

Well this is Danielle’s Story

And this is my (Jolene)’s story

of how we became Awake and Alive.

We both understand that God is using us. Neither one of us is qualified to be running a charity but that is what makes this so beautiful.

All of the glory goes to God!!

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