Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One womens sacrifice...

Hiya Friends,

We are so excited to introduce you to this gem!! Her name is Meggan and she is a momma to 2 BEAUTIFUL Ethiopian sweeties!

I mean come on!! Isn't this one beautiful family?

Here is meg to fill ya in one what sparked her to give 2 weeks of her commission from selling 31 Gifts
to Awake and Alive...
while her honey is currently unemployed!!

That takes some faith and passion!

Here is the floor Meg,

The journey to starting a family hasn't been an easy one-after 3 tubal pregnancies, a miscarriage at 12 weeks after one round of intense IVF we KNEW we were fighting a higher power at the whole biological children thing...

Long story short, we quickly fell in love with the images of the children in Ethiopia, our hearts grew BIGGER that we had ever imagined in such a short period of time for them and their country-I had NO idea exactly how much my heart would be pulled at! I can't even begin to describe the raw emotion i have felt for our children's birth country in the last 4 years, everyday it becomes more and more clear how God has been and continues to use and teach me to be an advocate for these amazing children and the people of Ethiopia.

Fast forward to where we are right now. Ryan had an "amazing job" (or so we thought, i mean he made really good money, he was gone all the time, he put in 60+ hrs a week, didn't get to see us very often, stressed to all get out, etc etc)

BUT the income was really good-so who cares right? The amount of money you make-does that make one an amazing person? Does the amount of money you make put you at a higher status? Unfortunately it does. For 3 months now Ryan has been looking for a new job as he was let go from his position in May.

The last 3 months has been the BEST thing for our family.

We have grown so much in our faith, as a family, and as a couple. He's gotten to see our kids do things that he wasn't around for before, he gets to get them breakfast in the morning, he gets to have dinner with us at a normal time, he has time to think about other things other than what his commission check will be or has to be at the end of every month.

So, I have decided to donate my whole commission for this fundraiser for Awake and Alive, and by doing so i STILL have MORE than what we need here.

We're put here for a reason, and I have felt very strongly about paying it forward and giving back, i just feel fortunate that I am in a position to have a job that allows me to do that,

and to have a heart big enough to WANT to do it and a strong faith to teach me WHY we do it!

That is some serious faith... am I right?!?!

Thank you sweet Meggers for this huge sacrifice, given in love for the children in Kechene, Ethiopia!


Julie said...

So touching!!!! Megg...wow!! What a story. Just made me love ya even more:) thx 4 sharing Jolene!!

Joyful said...

It is awesome what you are doing! God bless you and your husband (Meg and Ryan) for your heart for Ethiopia and your faithfulness to God. Your children are beautiful.

I have a heart for Kenya and I understand so much your heart for the Nation of Ethiopia. I pray your will be blessed in all your efforts to assist the children there. (p.s. I've shared this post on twitter).