Monday, August 1, 2011

Burning out Bright

Burning out bright…

The first time I heard this song, I immediately noticed something about myself. Something I’m willing to bet you and I have in common—especially if you’re an American. It’s this: I live my life anticipating that it will be a long one; that I’ll live to be in my 80’s with my wife, children, and grandchildren surrounding me. Somehow I’ve bought into the fact that the next 60 years are guaranteed when, in reality, I am not guaranteed tomorrow. It’s phenomenal.

Some argue that it’s not practical or responsible to truly live as if today is our last day. Regardless of where you fall in that debate, there is a challenge in this song worth considering. If we truly believe that tomorrow is guaranteed, chances are we are also putting off some very important things that need to be addressed now. Take a step and do that thing you’ve put off for a while now, that thing that will make you burn out bright.

We are not promised tomorrow, and we would do well to not anticipate it so much.


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