Friday, June 17, 2011

We need you!..They need you...


Oh, you guys! There are so many great opportunities right now

if you have a heart for Africa and want to make a difference.

The fundraisers are abounding so we can raise

enough money (around $40,000)to get

these precious kiddos in school in Kechene, Ethiopia.

Here are your many options:

1. Africa-lovers: We REALLY want to start building a volunteer base as local Africans contact us about needing help and wanting to connect. If you have a heart for Africa and would love to have dinner and build relationships (at many different levels!) with college-aged Africans and entire African families, you can fill out the volunteer form under the “Connect” heading on our homepage or contact us if you have specific questions

Please open your heart and connect.

There are dozens and dozens and dozens of references in the Bible about God caring for the “orphan, widow, and foreigner [African immigrant can be applied here!]” and wanting us to do the same. This is your opportunity! FILL OUT THAT FORM!!! .

2. Coffee lovers: and buy some coffee to support Awake and Alive. And an added bonus is if we get $75 in sales, we get lots of free stuff we can use as promos to raise awareness.

3। Book lovers: Order your items and use Awake&Alive for a promo code (make sure you hit “apply” afterwards!) If you spend $50 you get free shipping from the best book distributor in the U.S. (Disclosure clause: Danielle is biased, because it’s a family affair) and Awake and Alive gets a chunk of the profits. They even price match if you find something cheaper. You can’t go wrong!!!

4. T-shirt lovers: We have extra Awake and Alive t-shirts like you see on the facebook page. Send us a FB message letting us know you want one! They’re only $15, and you can support our cause by wearing it! We also have more, even trendier stuff in the works…

5. Jazz and social justice lovers: On Wednesday night, June 22nd the X/Stop project in South Bend is putting on a great event for you to see many (25+) of the local non-profits in the Michiana area complete with jazz music and lots of great raffle items. Awake and Alive will have a booth there and we are excited to connect with other local charities and individuals. You can buy a table or individual tickets at Come and connect!

So, you see, there are no excuses :) Well, maybe if you lived far away and didn’t like coffee, books, and t-shirts…but does that apply to anyone in the entire United States? You could also give a monetary donation without buying anything–just puttin’ that out there! Please get involved. It really may make you be more fully alive!

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