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Genzeb Tibeb is very bright. At only 11 years old, her future is looking promising. She is ranked 2nd out of 56 students at her government school in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where she has been selected for a special program because of her talent. She knows she is special and proudly shows off her certificate and book signifying her accomplishments in this special program.

But her future hasn’t always looked so bright. While her mother, Bekelech, sacrificed immensely for Genzeb, she would not have been able to continue sending her to school. When her husband died, Bekelech was the sole provider for their five children. In order for them to survive, she began the daily routine of walking approximately 8-10 miles a day collecting sticks to sell near her 8′ x 10′ home in Kichene. It wouldn’t have been long before Genzeb would have been forced to quit school in order to help her mom. But Bright Future changed all that.

Genzeb teaching some of the students at Bright Future. Giving back already! She is going to do BIG things!

Genzeb has been at Bright Future for 3 years. Since Ethiopian schools let out early, Genzeb walks to the facility right after lunch. Because of her high ability, she even helps teach the younger children there, building confidence and locking in important foundational academic skills. There’s also other meaningful opportunities Genzeb experiences which allow her eyes to be opened to the different opportunities that are available to her if she completes her studies. Field trips are one of her most favorite activities of all. She especially loved the one to Addis Ababa University.

She knows it goes beyond fun trips, though. ”I am happy because I get extra help for school from Bright Future,” Genzeb shares. At so many levels, her involvement with Bright Future allows her to receive a better education, which she values. For one day she wants to help people in need by becoming a doctor. And now she knows, that with a lot of hard work, that dream might just become a reality.

The is the entrance into Genzeb's home. Her older sister was there taking care of her sick brother while their mother was working. Genzeb's sister was telling us how hard life is in Kechene. She was around 15 years old and taking care of the house hold.

So here is the question...
What could you do to make such a huge impact on children like Genzeb?
... The possibilites are ENDLESS!! You just have to take action!!!

Here are a few possibilities:

Hold a garage sale in Awake and Alive's name. Giving some or all proceeds to our cause.

Tithe a little extra to Awake and Alive.

Have a Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, 31 or any other home party and donate the proceeds to Awake and Alive.

"like" Awake and Alive on FB. To keep in the know about what is going on next and get involved with our happenings!

Share our blog with EVERYONE you know!!!

There are many other ideas out there use your creativity and lets start helping those who can not help them selves!!

James 1:27
27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

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