Friday, September 14, 2012

We are safe :)

Hey faithful readers (and nervous parents).  It is late after another wonderful and full day, culminating with a longer-than-normal debriefing session on our last night before flying out.  I can say for myself, that I've had several break down moments today in anticipation of leaving.  Ugh.  I truly wish I could just stay (if my family would fly here, that is, to be with me)!  We had our last day at Bright Future Academy finishing with setting up the school and our last day of VBS AND visiting some of the children's homes (10 of the 30, in fact, between two groups of us).  More on that another time, since it was so powerful and incredibly difficult.

With current events as they are, we wanted you to know we're not experiencing any repercussions from everything going on in the world, although we will promise to be extra cautious tomorrow.  It actually took a concerned father calling for us to truly evaluate the situation (since we are so far removed here).  BUT, we have a plan and feel safe!  So, please don't worry about us....just pray if you want :)

We'll be on a plane in less than 24 hours!  It's truly CRAZY to think about how fast this time has gone....

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