Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beautiful Day in Ethiopia

Today was a purely wonderful, purely Ethiopian day.  First stop?  Addis Kidan Baptist Church in Kechene.  From about 10-12 we had the privilege of being in their service and seeing their hearts pour out to God.  While we didn't understand most of what was said, we were still thankful for the experience--everything from singing and dancing to watching the youth do a dance to the message about being the aroma of Christ…and much more!  After the service, we went into Bright Future to change clothes and then walked across the street to Mona's shop for some fresh sambusas and the best cups of chai EVER (this is my third visit)  I wish we could upload pictures to show you.  I'm guessing the space was around 10 x 5 feet.  We were cozy and content as the rain (once again) came down.

From there, we went to Bright Future Academy for more work on the mural and more play with the children.  This day was particularly unique because we asked Binyam and he agreed we could invite all the children outside the gate into the compound.  Once again, we painted nails, played futbol, pushed kids on swings, put together puzzles, decorated classrooms, and monitored the merry-go-round (I TOTALLY get why there are very few of these left in parks/schools across America!) It was definitely not without its complications, but it was a very special time.  The kids were So excited!  As it was time for them to go, I'll never forget the little girl who came up to me and said, "Thank you."  The aroma of Christ.

Then, it was back to Bright Future for a coffee ceremony, popcorn, and Swiss chocolate--mmmmmm and thank you!  The dancing, singing, and laughing that followed between the team and kids was another precious memory.  After a quick run to the grocery store, we arrived back at the guest house for a fun-filled time of meal preparation with lots of Michael Buble and Broadway. And the finished product was worth the wait.  Who knew how handy having a chef on our trip would be?!?

All the prayers and preparation surrounding this trip are so evident as I look around the room right now at the team hanging out together, some of us laughing until our stomachs hurt, others engaged in serious conversations.  The aroma of Christ.  Tomorrow promises to be just as fabulous with a visit to AHOPE, the HIV orphanage, in the morning, BFA, and a special thank you celebration in the evening where we will be purchasing a goat--yes, a live goat (sorry, vegetarian readers :(  ) for our dinner party.  Thank you to so many of you who have made this incredible dream a reality.  My heart couldn't be any more full. 
~ Danielle 

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