Monday, February 4, 2013

Clear your calendars. You do not want to miss this!

(Featured in the picture is Eyob, one of the students at our Academy.) 

We have been working with Epic Church of Mishawaka since the beginning of Awake and Alive. They have supported and believed in our cause from the start! We are so thankful for them! Here is Pastor Jeremy to fill you all in on the upcoming Hope Gala.  
The evening will consist of live entertainment, a silent auction, some desserts and wine. Also the Director of Awake and Alive will give a presentation, showing a video of the school that was started in the slums of Kechene.

The odds are against th
ese kids as they combat both the AIDS epidemic, starvation and sickness. Sadly many times these children have become orphans. This cycle often continues from generation to generation because there are few other options and thus no hope. With food, shelter, medical treatment and education these kids will have the potential for a Bright Future. All proceeds are going to the Academy in the Kechene slum! The more funding that comes in the more children we can get off the streets and on a path towards hope!

It will be an evening of hearing and seeing stories of hope and then having an opportunity to partner with the Awake & Alive Organization in order to help more children!

We want to see all of YOU there! We need you to RSVP as there will be desserts catered. Please RSVP today!! 

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