Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Encouraging Stories

Cards on the table, this service can be tiring and thankless. But today we were encouraged and we need to share it.

We got to chat with the man that started the Bright Future program in Ethiopia (who is now living in the U.S.).

After recently returning to Ethiopia and visiting Bright Future Academy, he provided a report of what he saw.  We love what we heard. 

Children are transforming and coming out of their shells, beaming with confidence, growth, and promise. The little faces we saw in September have changed in a matter of months. These children are going to change their community and the world.

We wanted to share this small glimpse of victory with you because, well, it would not be possible without you. Thank you.

So whatever your day may have been like so far, know that transformation is occurring in small homes in a community in Ethiopia, and children are given hope.


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