Monday, April 9, 2012


Lately we have been keeping you up to date on the cold hard facts about what is going on with Awake and Alive. We have been talking a lot about the great new stuff that is going on and the thermometer that keeps going up!! Thank you!! All of that is really GREAT stuff, but I (Jolene) want to let you all in on some of the emotions behind the passion.

I have really been burdened lately.

I toss and turn and lose sleep these days. I am thinking about the widowed mothers who as I type have to make the horrible decision to leave their children at home so they can go make money to provide food for their little ones! It is their reality and it is impossible for me not to put myself in their shoes! I think about my 3 Ethiopian babies and how if I were to try to leave them to go pick up sticks they would follow me as far as they could …the whole time they would be following me with tears in their eyes, possibly screaming at me to stop and come back…or yelling, “momma, hold me, hold me!” But I would know that I could not stop or they would starve to death. And so, I press on with my 3 crying children behind me, trying my hardest not to burst into tears myself, they would be giving it all they had to follow me for miles until their little legs just got so tired that they stopped and turned around to go home. And so I press on knowing that I HAVE TO FEED THEM!

This haunts me.

I lie in bed and can not sleep. Lately God has been putting this at the for-front of my mind and I had to share it with all of you.

Broken hearted I lay in bed praying for the mothers that I know have to do this…everyday. I pray for them for the strength it takes to daily break their child’s heart to be able to provide for their basic needs. I pray for this cycle to end for them! I pray for the babies who do not understand. I pray for the children, that they do not shut themselves down and become numb to love after being left and let down, in their minds, by their mother everyday. I pray that one day it will be different for all of them. Will you pray with me?

I have been praying for people here in the states who are hearing of this situation, I pray their hearts soften. I pray that their hearts open. I pray they are moved into action for these poor mothers and children. I pray they help spread the word!

Will you help spread the word?

We have the opportunity to give these mothers a safe place for their children! Not only a safe place to be but a place to THRIVE! To take the children off the streets and be fed! To learn about Love.

We have the opportunity to give mothers peace of mind!

I pray that only God’s glory is seen in this movement! I pray only for encouragement from people not praise! All praise goes to God who has given me the passion and opportunity to be the voice…

YOU can be the voice too!

You can spread the word!

They need you!

Awake and Alive needs you!

You can be the change in this cycle!

There is no "giveaway" to entice you to share this, there is no material gain,

There is only this broken momma who is asking you to be the voice for other broken mothers who are hopeless and have no platform to speak for themselves.

They can not speak up for themselves or their children, but we can!

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