Monday, July 4, 2011

Give Away Time

You will not believe it!!
We are so blessed!!! We had someone donate an iPOD shuffle to us,
under one stipulation...that we use it to promote our cause!
(of course)

2 simple things...

1. We have to reach 100 followers on our blog...

So follow us. Simply click the button.

2nd. We need to have more money raised for our kiddos in Ethiopia to eat
so each $10 you give will equal one entry,
You may "enter" as many times as you would like. Our fundraiser ends on July 31st.
(that gives you a little less then a month)
So tell ALL your friends RE POST this blog entry ASAP.
We need to raise that $5,000
and you NEED that iPOD shuffle!!

Think of the summer play list you could have on that thing!!

So again you get entered to win by giving $10,
using our "chip in" button on the side,
$10 =1 entry $20= 2 entries, and so on...
but the kicker is that we can not even draw a winner
until we reach 100 followers on our blog...So tell your friends about the AWESOME way they can give back and possibly win big!

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